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'Your Hit Parade' - January 31, 1953

Published 1953

Episode of 'Your Hit Parade' from January 31, 1953. Complete with original commercials. Features Dorothy Collins, Snooky Lanson, June Valli and Russell Arms.

Run time Approx 30 Minutes
Production Company NBC Television Network
Audio/Visual Mono Sound, Black and White


Reviewer: richgoup - - June 22, 2012
Subject: Episode dated 31 January 1953 (Yout Hit Parade).
Original air date: 31 January 1953.
Cast: Russell Arms (Vocalist), Dorothy Collins (Vocalist), Snooky Lanson (Vocalist), June Valli (Vocalist), The Hit Paraders and Dancers (Singers/ Dancers), Raymond Scott (Orchestra Leader), The Lucky Strike Orchestra (Orchestra) and Lenny Claret (Dancer).
From IMDB.
Above average variety show. I cannot think that this is the seven songs most popular of January 31st 1953. There is much better songs than those.
Reviewer: Spuzz - - August 20, 2008
Subject: More like Your Hit Parade of Carefully Chosen Songs"
Not a bad show here, but all of these songs pretty much are below the radar here, even though they DID make the Hit Parade's survey. I suspect there may be SOME sort of skullduggery there, like the survey would only ask SOME of the people's opinions, not all. Anyways, before some people start ranting on to me about this, I'll just say that the way these are presented are quite nice. This has that live TV feel, and the actors and singers are all experiencing it with you. Quite fun to watch, and the Lucky spots are a hoot.
Reviewer: Seto-Kaiba_Is_Stupid - - August 20, 2008
Subject: I Uploaded This
Fairly good episode of "Your Hit Parade", containing covers of big hits of the day.
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